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Real Estate is one of the best investments you can make. Not only are you buying an asset, but you also have the opportunity to generate income from your ever-increasing ROI.

At Landvest, we make it possible for you to build wealth by investing in a long-term investment that provides consistent income.

Last year, we helped lots of investors become millionaires through our CO-OWN TO RESELL 2.0 package.

This year, we are going bigger as we introduce the CO-OWN TO RESELL 3.0

The stakes are higher, imagine getting more of your ROI for

6 months – 15%
12 months – 35%
18 months – 45%
24 months – 72%

With the market at its highest point, now is the time to invest and make the most of your money.

Take the right step to becoming a Millionaire in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Landvest Co-Own is a flexible property ownership initiative that creates the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the benefits of home ownership without the capital/funds to buy
a whole building. This initiative allows our customers who desire to earn rental or sale income on their real estate purchase over a property appreciation period of six to twenty-four months with as low as N1,000,000 for a unit of a property per slot

Landvest Co-Own is managed by Landvest Intercontinental Properties (RC 1720028), a renowned real estate development company in Nigeria. We are a trusted brand that can be attested to by hundreds of clients.

Our team of real estate and financial professionals are driven by the passion to help limit the societal gap between the rich and the poor by sourcing for properties with high and quick appreciation value hence creating investment
opportunities for everyone regardless of their social status.

We source for properties that have the prospect to appreciate very fast within
an agreed period which you intend to hold onto the property. We match you with people of like minds and you jointly purchase the property which you can resell your stake over the agreed period.

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