At KGL Realty Pro, we’re committed to giving our clients the best possible service and value. We aggressively look for alliances with businesses that share our dedication to excellence and mission in order to accomplish this aim.

By collaborating with other businesses, we are able to broaden our services and product offerings and give our clients a more complete solution for their requirements. We can create unique solutions that surpass expectations by cooperating with industry leaders and specialists, leveraging their experience, methods, and resources.


With Dubai favorable economic climate, strategic location, world-class infrastructure, tax benefits, growing population, diverse property portfolio, investor-friendly regulations, and major events make it an attractive destination for property investment on both a regional and global scale.

VISHNYA is a foreign real estate company that provide luxury property listings for potential investors and buyers, Their agency is driven by a passion for delivering outstanding results. Whether you’re searching for a cozy starter home, a luxury estate, or a lucrative investment, They have the expertise and resources to make it happen.

With our Partnership with VISHNYA…..

We bring ease to nigerian investors/billionaires in accumulating properties at Dubai district.. without worrying about loss of funds or property seizure.

Houses for sale .ng is a marketplace for potential buyers to narrow down property acquisition to budget and location standards.

with their varsity networking of agents across the country  easy purchase of homes have never been made easy with having ready available inspection officers to help in analyzing and verifying the purchase of a safe and sustainable homes/land 

with our partnership with HOUSE FOR SALE…

We Bring about more location based listings in other to serve our potential investors/buyers to enable more flexibility in property acquisition

real estate cashback

Welcome to Real Estate Cashback, our strategic partner for profitable growth in the world of real estate investments, while Discovering a hassle-free way to elevate our clients portfolio and reap guaranteed returns.

By saying goodbye to the tedious management of land investments. Real Estate Cashback takes care of everything, from land selection to title perfection.

with partnership with KGL REALTY PRO we bring you zero worries ensuring predictable 32-35% ROI in 12 months using real estate cash back


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Frequently Asked Questions ( REAL ESTATE CASHBACK )

Real Estate Cashback is a Real Estate trading product which allows customers or members invest/buy into real estate development for the purpose of generating passive income. The dividend rate determined by the current oer as contained on the flier.

The funds are invested in developing commercial and residential properties. We also conduct thorough research on locations prone to quick appreciation and buy properties there. With time, we develop these properties, sell-o, and share the profit with you. We invest only in appreciable and tangible assets.

With the track records of over 4 years and over 5 billion naira payment made to over 5,000 members. We have done so well in keeping all our promises. Real Estate Cash Back is the best real estate investment initiative for anyone who loves their “sleep” and “peace of mind”.

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